A matter of passion

For over a century now, the company DECAYEUX has developed and sustained its know-how in metal processing providing major French brands with luxury goods such as jewellery, leather, fashion, and luggage. High quality materials, precision tooling, best practices, perfection, and excellence are at the heart of our company.

With DECAYEUX GOLF, we invite you to enter a new world, that of Golf. You will discover a prestigious line of original and refined objects to fulfil your passion, which reflects the way you live your life, your successes and values.


« Always be one step ahead, and ready to face new challenges, to the end of my dreams, that's what keeps me alive. DECAYEUX GOLF is the result of a great collective adventure, for men and women committed to their passion, Golf. We have succeeded, and I'm proud of that. ».

Our Know-How

All our products are manufactured in France in our workshops with industrial technics:

  • Forging : hot stamping process of a piece of metal in solid form, using a press and tooling.
  • Cutting : cold stamping process of sheet metal. - Machining: completion of the parts by machining using CNC machines.
  • Polishing : this operation consists of obtaining a surface with a high quality finish.
  • Coating : The whole products are galvanic plated with precious materials such as gold or palladium.

All finishes we use are from processes that we have been developed specifically for the leading luxury brands. They meet the highest specification in terms of resistance and durability. Which consists of:


Electroplating : an operation depositing metal by electrolysis. The finishes are:

  • Gold Plated : thick yellow gold deposit validated by a hallmark of guarantee.
  • Gold : gold deposit of sufficient thickness to ensure good durability.
  • Palladium : palladium deposit of sufficient thickness to ensure good durability. Palladium is a precious “white” metal, especially used in jewellery, and possessing characteristics comparable to gold.
  • Titanium : deposit of palladium and ruthenium with sufficient thickness to ensure good durability. The combination of these two precious metals, allows us to obtain a colour «slate grey» reminiscent of titanium.
Varnishing : varnish deposit operation with a spray gun, that requires heating in an oven at 180°. Different colours may be produced (black, white, brown, etc.).